With more than 300 people having taken part in the programs already, AIMEP and AAMEP’s alumni networks are a rich and growing source of inspiration, partnership and action. With the programs as the catalyst, delegates have gone on to make positive impact in a variety of creative, innovative, and meaningful ways.

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“It definitely exceeded my expectations; I’m completely blown away.”

Hear what recent alumni from the program thought about their experiences in Indonesia and Australia.

The impact of AIMEP is incredible. Even though each batch is only five people, behind each of those five people there are hundreds, if not thousands who will benefit.

Cicih Kurniasih, AIMEP 2017

This week has been like a semester of studying international development, Islamic studies, sociology, international affairs, international education and government policy.

Ahmad Romzi, AIMEP 2017

AIMEP is a fabulous program that will have longstanding benefit both in my professional and personal life.

Ayan Omer Shere, AIMEP 2017

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We’re launching a directory of the 260+ AIMEP and AAMEP alumni. You’ll soon be able to discover more about their incredible stories and contributions.