UPCOMING program

AAMEP 2022

– Online program

The AAMEP for 2022 will be held virtually, with a series of live online events and immersive interactive sessions over 8 weeks, for a diverse group of 30 delegates across Australia and ASEAN. Apply now to secure your place in this engaging and innovative program.


In 2022, 30 young Muslims and emerging leaders from across Australia and the ASEAN region will be invited to participate in the transformative AAMEP 2022 online program!
Over the course of 8 weeks, successful delegates will engage in genuine dialogue, interpersonal connection and in-depth learning through a rich program of cultural, social, interreligious, and intellectual exchange with speakers and fellow delegates from across the region. 
Are you aged 23-40 and actively contributing to your community in Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, or Brunei Darussalam? Apply now for the AAMEP 2022!

AIMEP is a prestigious international program that invites emerging Muslim leaders in Australia and Indonesia to engage in 8 weeks of impactful cultural, social, interreligious and intellectual exchange.