About the organisers

The Australia Indonesia Muslim Exchange Program (AIMEP) was established in 2002. Australia-Indonesia Connections (AIC) have been involved since the beginning, taking over full-time management of the program in 2013 and overseeing the creation of the Australia ASEAN Muslim Exchange Program (AAMEP) since 2019. Both AIC directors Brynna Rafferty-Brown and Rowan Gould have deep ties to the Muslim communities of Australia and our region.

Brynna Rafferty-Brown

Brynna Rafferty-Brown is a co-founder of AIC and Program Manager of the AIMEP and AAMEP, and has been involved with the AIMEP since 2005. 

Brynna is passionate about Indonesia, and about connecting like-minded individuals and communities across the globe. She has been a researcher at La Trobe University on issues relating to international refugees in Indonesia and Australia, and has volunteered and worked for the Islamic Council of Victoria. Brynna has experience in Indonesian language consultancy for Victorian curriculum development and as a Project Officer with Asialink.
Brynna holds a Master of International Development from La Trobe University and a Bachelor of Arts (Indonesian and Linguistics) from the University of Melbourne. Brynna speaks Indonesian fluently, and has worked, studied and lived in Southeast Asia, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Rowan Gould

Rowan Gould is a co-founder of AIC and Program Manager of the AIMEP and AAMEP, and has been involved with the AIMEP since its inception in 2002.

Rowan is passionate about building understanding among diverse communities. He was educated in Indonesia and Australia and has nearly two decades’ experience working with and across Muslim communities in both countries. Rowan has a research role in the Department of Arabic & Islamic Studies at the University of Melbourne. He speaks several languages well, and is fluent in Indonesian. He is a former board member and CEO of the Islamic Council of Victoria.

About AIC

AIC is a Melbourne-based consultancy working in the field of Australia-ASEAN relations, with particular expertise in Islam and the Muslim communities of both regions.