Transforming the lives of delegates and bringing Australians, Indonesians and ASEAN closer together


For the past 19 years, the Australia-Indonesia Muslim Exchange Program has brought together emerging Muslim leaders in Australia and Indonesia to engage in cultural, social, interreligious and intellectual dialogue.

The long-standing and prestigious program has been instrumental in building bridges between the two Muslim communities of Australia and Indonesia – the world’s most populous Muslim majority country.

As well as giving participants a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth, AIMEP leads to cross-cultural projects and initiatives that carry bonds of partnership and cooperation into the future.

In 2019, sister-program AAMEP was launched, connecting Muslim leaders from Australia and the wider ASEAN region in an exploration of each other’s expression of Islam.

AIMEP is unique in its focus on building links between the Muslim communities of Australia and Indonesia – the world’s most populous Muslim majority country.


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Since launching in 2002, AIMEP has given young Muslims in Australia and Indonesia an unrivalled platform for personal, professional, and spiritual growth. As well as in-depth learning and new perspectives, the program gives participants a genuine appreciation of each other’s expression of Islam, and the opportunity to join a positive and proactive community of emerging leaders.


Over the past two decades, AIMEP has distinguished itself as a unique and highly sought after international program.

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An intensive 7-week online program featuring an itinerary packed with valuable activities, events and workshops.

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Join a varied and vibrant AIMEP alumni network that spans numerous fields and thrives on community interaction.

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AIMEP is renowned for bringing together emerging leaders from the Islamic and community sectors of Australia and Indonesia.

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